Strange Terrains

Volkswagen / Strange Terrains

In order for Deutsch to realize the original vision, Steelhead created a first-of-kind, 8K day-to-night 360 time-lapse video of Renan’s exploration of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

To get this unique footage, we had to build an equally as unique rigging system. We partnered with SupplyFrame's fabrication team to design and build a custom milled aluminum head to support four 50.6 megapixel Canon 5DS cameras. Once mounted, we had to get all the cameras in sync and firing together. The “holy grail” of time-lapse photography is getting the cameras to ramp the exposure over broad light changes. This was especially challenging to capture due to the massive exposure changes in the sky and the harshness of the white salt. After capturing around approx. 2000 frames per camera - 9TB of working storage – we spent countless hours stitching, compositing, computing and rendering to get a fluid final product.

The Team


Rob Cleary


Eva Dubovoy

Motion Graphics

Dennis Kang